COMPANY is proud to announce that our newly redesigned website has launched. Our new site was built by Raleigh web design and internet marketing company, TheeDesign, in WordPress. WordPress is an easy-to-use content management system that makes it easy for our team to manage and update our website by ourselves.

We have implemented an interactive navigation with a lot of cool features to help improve the user experience of our website visitors and customers. Some of our favorite features are:

Logo Design

To go along with our newly redesigned website, we also have a newly redesigned logo. We thought it was important for the website and company branding to flow, and this provided us with an overall modernized rebranding opportunity while keeping the same core values.

Easy User-Experience

One of the most important goals for our new custom WordPress website was to provide our customers with an easy user experience. Company information, products/services, and contact information are all clear and easy to find. To go along with the clear front-end layout, our website also features a clear back-end for our team to navigate. Our staff can easily update information on the site, post blog articles, upload pictures, and manage our website contact forms.

Responsive Web Design for User-Friendly Viewing on Mobile and Tablets

With our redesign comes an exciting new feature! To accommodate our website visitors using smartphones and tablets, our website is now mobile-friendly. Users can now have full access to our website, anytime, anywhere. This feature also helps us to expand our audience reach to make sure we are maximizing our potential to be a leader in the INDUSTRY.

Content Optimization

Using special onsite techniques, our website has been optimized to help our rankings in the search engines. We selected certain keywords that our customers and target audience are searching for, and have focused on optimizing our content for those terms. Making sure our content is user-friendly and appropriately targeted has helped us to improve our conversions.

Slideshow to Promote Featured Services on Home Page

To easily showcase our featured products and services on our home page, our newly redesigned website features a home page slider. We can easily upload pictures and descriptions and change them out as often as we want. The slideshow makes our products visually accessible for our clients to see, right when they get to our site.

Advanced Photo Gallery

We wanted to make it easy to showcase our products and services, so our new website has a photo gallery allowing us to show off what we have to offer. We can provide descriptions, information, prices, etc. for our customers to see. We’ve found that the visual display from our photo gallery helps to improve user experience and keep our customers happy.

Onsite Company Blog for Sharing Company News

To keep our customers in the loop with COMPANY NAME, we now have an onsite blog. Out team can easily manage this blog and share the latest news from our company or in the COMPANY INDUSTRY. Stay up-to-date with our blog for the latest COMPANY news.

Effective Lead Generation Form to Maximize Our Online Marketing Efforts

To help our company capture more leads, we now feature an online contact form. Our clients and prospects can ask a question, request a quote, or contact us just by filling out a simple online form. Our team can quickly ad easily manage the form submissions, to help us provide better customer service.

Event Calendar Integration

We wanted to highlight special events that COMPANY NAME hosts or participates in, so we’ve added an Event Calendar feature to our new website. We can update events, dates, times, and event details. Clients and the COMPANY INDUSTRY community has the option to join us, and can easily find all the details right on our website.

Team Management Tool

So our website visitors can easily see the faces behind COMPANY NAME, our website now features a  team management tool. We can upload headshots, biographies, and a link to their professional profile. We can easily edit information or update team members as we add to our staff.

Sponsor Management Tool

Similar to our team member management tool, our website has a built-in tool for us to manage our corporate sponsors. COMPANY NAME couldn’t run without our valued sponsors from the community so we thought it was especially important that we have a way to add and display their logos and information on our website. This management tool is easy for our team to update and manage on the back end. Integration for Safe and Secure Online Credit Card Payments

A great new feature of our new site is our ability to process online credit card payments safely and securely. Customers are able to shop and purchase products quickly and efficiently right from the comfort of their own homes. This feature saves time for our customers and our staff while processing transactions.

Live Chat Integration to Improve Conversion Rates and Customer Satisfaction

Our live chat tool is an exciting way for our company to stay in contact with our customers. Our customers can click to chat with a live COMPANY NAME Support Specialist to answer any and all questions while visiting our site. Live Chat allows us to provide excellent customer service for our customers while they shop.

We are very proud of our site and we highly encourage all of our customers to look around and click through all of our features. Don’t forget to follow our blog for the latest news from COMPANY NAME. For more information, fill out our contact form on our website, or call us at PHONE NUMBER.

If you are interested in learning more about custom web design or internet marketing, please contact our friends at or call 919-341-8901